• Anything is possible with God

    Realize that resurrection was not even a thought of as possible b4 & during Jesus' lifetime. No civilization ever wrote or thought of it as a possibility after death. There were other ways to spend an afterlife according to myths & legends, but no true resurrection. Jesus, being the Son of God, was the 1st & last one to have this happen. If God is all powerful enough to create the Big Bang, that had included all the material & physics to sustain it all these billions of years, in a blink of an eye, why not resurrection?

  • What's dead is dead

    Like the headline says, Once something living dies, It's not coming back to life. Resurrection is literally impossible. There is no way that something dead can come back to life. Another factor is that people have been saying he'll come back for centuries now and guess what he's not going to. Never has, Never will.

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