Is the right policy for one country therefore right for all countries

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • No, not necessarily.

    However, if we are talking about the gun debate then yes, the policies adopted by the rest of the civilized world are right for the US. Unless of course you like burying innocent people. Why the NRA groupies think they are different from every other country on earth is beyond me.

  • Sometimes different polices are right for different countries

    A few examples.

    Free speech is great and it is usually good to protect it. However, hate speech laws in Europe are right given the unique history. Hate speech laws are unnecessary in America.

    The death penalty in America and in most developed countries is outdated and should be retired.

    However in some countries you have widespread cultural approval even against government laws of things like "rape", opposition to women having an education, caste-ism, homophobia, ethnic and racial bigotry. In those countries it makes sense to use the death penalty for rape (even letting the victim carry out the execution, even making it a highly public affair) and for severe hate crimes. It could also make sense to ban speech that goes against women having an education, or ban anti-gay speech, or ban speech in favor of caste-ism. It may even make sense to let daughters turn in parents for discouraging them from seeking a professional career in some cases (though mandatory reeducation and not the death penalty would be more appropriate in a case like this unless the parents were violently coercing their daughter).

  • Every country has different people, different history and culture and views

    Every country also has a different political program, every one of them is trying to achieve different goals. So in such a diverse environment, it's quite hard for one policy to be right for all of the different societies, it can happen obviously, some economical systems and policies are just straight up better than the others, but when it comes to let's say cultural policies? Not so much.

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