• Yes, Step by Step

    The problem is that gun control is not a response to crime. It is an agenda created by people who oppose gun ownership, and every time a sensational news story occurs, it is used as a pretext to further that agenda. It will never end.

    That is why it is important to staunchly oppose gun bans.

  • Without a doubt

    Whether its in the media, entertainment industry or by politicians actively passing bills prohibiting persons from exercising their second amendment rights, the right to keep and bear arms is under constant and consistent assault.

    The problem is, most of the laws that are being proposed do very little to enhance public safety and everything to advance the profile of the politician or pundit crafting them. You see, its very easy to limit magazine capacities, purchases to one firearm per month or to outlaw certain types of firearms - its easy and it gets one's name in the paper as someone who is "doing something" about gun violence.

    In reality, these laws are "doing" absolutely nothing to prevent or stop gun violence because they are aimed at the people who had no intention of breaking laws to begin with. Remember, a law abiding citizen might surrender his 30 round magazines, but a criminal? Not so much....Because he's a criminal! Breaking laws is what makes a criminal in the first place - hence, these proposals are useless because they affect only the law abiding.

    Its way easier to suggest gun control instead of working to fix the underlying causes of gun violence, be they cultural, economic or educational. Politicians, pundits and gun control advocates never push for "common sense" approaches like these because it involves actual work and actually facing up to the fact that the culture we have allowed ourselves to devolve towards is conducive only to creating more violence and misery.

    For them, its easier to just end a civil right and call for the confiscation of privately held arms - none of them would DARE insult their constituencies by saying that their whole infrastructure of education, welfare and drug addiction are the leading causes of crime and violence.

  • No it isn't

    It's definitely not! America will never get rid of the guns( even though it's a good idea). The U.S's obsession with semi-automatic weapons is much higher then any other county to date. People say "well Obama is coming after our guns!" well I say no and the facts agree with me! There is a society made by Jim Brady who was shot by John Hinkley made a foundation against guns. He gives every major politician a report card about how anti-gun they are. Obama scored straight F's.

  • The right to acquire assault weapons, not the right bear arms in general, is threatened.

    When people talk about banning the use of assault weapons, it does not mean all weapons. Personally, I am against disarming a law abiding citizen from using a weapon to defend himself. But is it necessary to use assault weapons? I doubt that. A hand gun is enough to defend yourself, you're not going to war anyway. Further, these assault weapons were used by evil minded people to exterminate innocent people. Also, The US provision in right to bear arm is not infringe if assault weapons will be banned because citizens can still bear hand guns.

  • Only in specific areas, the whole of it is not.

    While the media, liberals, and gun control advocates talk about how assault weapons should be banned for varying reasons, citing the majority of mass shootings, and how extended magazines cause increased death, the answer to the question, which is a general one, is no. The fact of the matter is, is that nobody is saying that all arms should be banned. Pistols aren't being questions, and most shotguns aren't either. Therefore, while some aspects are being threatened, the whole of right isn't.

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