• Yes it is

    Yes I think that the right to privacy is more important than the freedom of speech because privacy allows to give us more freedom while freedom just goes down ok and yes I think that privacy is more important than than the free speech ok ok ok ok 👌 bye

  • Yes it should

    How would we be able to get important information about a individual if we don't know what they are up to. This goes for elected office memebers or anyone that we really trust as a person. We need this information to upstand this democracy that we have in america today

  • We all have the right to privacy, and journalists have the right to publish news, but where do journalist's rights invade our privacy?

    The press are always stalking celebrities, taking awkward pictures of them and posting them on the front cover of magazines, without their permission. The press has gone too far in spying on celebrities to expose their secrets. They attack and mock people in the public eye because of their private issues, when they haven't even collected all the necessary information needed to make a true a thorough report.
    One case where the invasion of our privacy led to a loss of life, was Proncess Diana's car crash. It was said that she was speeding because she was being followed by several paparazzi when the car crashed. Instead of calling an ambulance, the paparazzi were taking photos instead. They had a responsibility to help her, but instead took advantage of the freedom of the press to write a popular story for a bit of cash.

  • Right to privacy is important and no journalist should dare overlook it.

    Every individual is constitutionally entitled to his\her own privacy, therefore no journalist must infringe on this right.Section 37 and 39 of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria clearly states that.In the case whereby a reporter carry out its duty he\she should be conversant of individuals right..Thank you
    Victoria from Nigeria

  • Yes the right to privacy is more important.

    It is important to have free speech but you should not be able to write about someone or their name without permission. This is how names become slandered in the news. In today's world many reports shoot first and ask questions later. This leads to inaccurate reporting and defamation of character for innocent citizens.

  • The Right to Privacy is more important

    I think the constitutional amendment for freedom of the press is frequently abused to violate the right of privacy. Look at celebrities for example and the most recent events. In England, a member of the press was hacking phones and voice mails to get the latest news stories on the most popular celebrities. You have members of the press with ZOOM lenses, taking pictures of people inside their homes. Its an abuse. But is seldom punished.

  • Yes, the privacy prevails, but only for individuals - not governments or corporations.

    Yes, individual privacy should be protected more strongly than the rights of a "free press," but only for individuals. Corporations, business, organizations, and governments should be subject to investigation and the press should have the right to share any information gathered on these entities with the public, so long as it is true.

  • Yes, the right to privacy is more important.

    I think that the right to privacy is more important than the freedom of the press. I think that while the freedom of the press is something people should support, everybody should have the right to privacy. As long as people are not committing crimes, then privacy is something that should be protected.

  • The right to privacy is more important than the freedom of the press.

    The right to privacy is more important than the freedom of the press. Freedom of the press is absolutely warranted on the condition that the reporting is done within the public realm. The right to privacy should be respected and reporters should be restrained from invading a person or institution's private space in order to write an article.

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  • I dont agree

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