• Yes, for anyone who is willing to do a good job.

    I don't mean to say that we have the right to demand to be hired for the job we want. However, no one should be able to discriminate against a person who wants to work and do a good job. There are many lazy people who do just as little as possible to keep their jobs, but anyone who wants to work and do a good job should have that right.

  • Yes, working is a human right.

    People need to be able to work in order to sustain themselves and to purchase the necessities for living, such as food and shelter. Everyone should be afforded the right to work, because having money to purchase goods is a basic human right, and this is especially important for those who have children to take care of, since children are not old enough to care for themselves.

  • No, the right to work is not a human right

    The right to work is not a human right because the job market is a competitive environment. It is unfair that the employers are required to hire someone because some people are just not competent. Also, some people have immoral values and think that they have the right to have everything for granted.

  • Must someone hire you?

    Suppose, hypothetically, there is an incredibly incompetent person. They have no skills that they can offer to complete any job. Why should anyone hire them? Do they deserve to complete tasks and receive pay, simply because they are human? Isn't there a better solution than giving someone a task they cannot do? No one should have to go hungry, and it would be excessively cruel to let someone live without necessities, or even to let them live without satisfying some of their wants, but that doesn't mean they have to perform a job. No one should be obligated to hire someone, but everyone should have the ability to live an acceptable life.

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