Is the rise of China beneficial for the United States?

  • I do support

    Be cause i said so. Nahhhhh i just like china and think that they are beneficial o the united states. They have a huge populations so were could trade more stuff and both advancing our countries for world domination. Jk it would just help in having our economies well. Yay.

  • China Is Beneficial to Us

    China can help the U.S by its wealth and power. U.S Imports from China give better technology in defense and offense of our free country and also solve the world's problems. This can also protect the country better with China's development in economics,military technology, and also new technology that can help the U.S.

  • Generally Speaking, Yes.

    In looking at the wide and overall picture of everything, I think the United States has a bit to gain from China becoming increasingly powerful. They are already a very good trade partner for the United States, and their getting stronger would serve to help our already fragile economy even more.

  • Strength and diplomacy.

    China could go on to become a strong economic partner. While it may be true that they hold a great deal of our debt, their entire economic system is based off the export of products made via sweatshop standards and sold in the United States and Europe. Any aggressive tactics from their side would result in mutual financial collapse.

  • Other nations becoming advanced is almost always a good thing.

    Generally I would say yes, but as long as "rise" means becoming productive and technologically advanced. Other nations becoming advanced is almost always a good thing, with the only downside being pollution. Now if by "rise" you mean China becoming more imperialistic (like the U.S.) then I would say no.

  • It's advantageous to a lucky few.

    It's certainly advantageous to those at the top of the pile, those who can reap the real benefits of outsourcing wide amounts of work while chipping away at the middle class.

    To the rest of the world, it's a really bad deal that is going to ruin this country. The good paying jobs are being sent over seas, and it's ruining the middle class in this country. The goods are toxic, of poor quality, and the Chinese have little respect for secrecy or patents.

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