• Yes, the rise of the dollar is a sign of recovery.

    During the economic recession of 2008, the US dollar dramatically declined in value. Around the same time the Euro and Pound were rising. Soon after the banking industry took down the world's economy. The value of the dollar has started to recover, finally. When the dollar is doing well, it is a good sign for the economy.

  • Yes, the rise of the US dollar is a sign of economic recovery.

    The rise of the US dollar is definitely a sign that economic recovery is beginning. It may not mean that everything will be economically fixed right away, but it is still a good sign. Making an economy strong again is never an easy feat, so every little accomplishment helps to complete this task.

  • Id hope so

    But i highly doubt it. I mean, we are getting ready to go into another war. I am pretty sure we are about to be in a lot more debt with all this ISIS stuff going on. We spend alot of money during wars and it really puts us back into a rut.

  • No It Isn't

    There is no real economic recovery. We've lost the higher paying jobs and it seems we'll never get them back because corporations and too focused on profit margins rather than the people they serve. I think capitalism is a futile system. You can't constantly expand. There has to be a breaking point somewhere.

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