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  • No, murder isn't ever ok.

    I can't think of a single situation across the entire world that would bring me to believe that shooting a three year old is justified. Violence is rarely an effective solution to any situation. Nothing that could happen in a road rage scenario is worth a life, especially one so young.

  • Road rage shootings are never justified.

    I can't imagine for one second that a person's poor driving is an excuse to take a life. That's why we have a police force. Everyone has had an experience with drivers driving improperly. If we all got out and just started shooting at one another, we would all be dead.

  • It is never justified.

    No, there is no excuse for shooting a 3 year old, even if it is accidental. There is nothing that a young child could do, or even be stuck in the middle of, that would justify an adult acting so rashly that they hurt the child. A person should take a breath before they act in anger.

  • No, completely unjustified.

    No matter the age of the victim, road rage is never justified. It is a completely avoidable occurrence, and often results in the death of children who are innocent bystanders. Regardless of the situation, the act of killing a 3-year-old over a traffic conflict is never justified. This growing trend needs to be stopped.

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