Is the Roma civil society a natural (yes) or artificial (no) creation of the European people?

  • The Roma civil society is a natural creation of the European people.

    The Roma civil society is a natural creation of the European people. The Roma people have been around since the beginning and it was wrong that they got pushed out of their homes because of a disagreement with their country. They should be trying to help them rebuild and create a normal sense to life.

  • Yes, it's natural.

    The Roma civil society is a natural outcome of a nomadic people governing themselves. It was not created from the outside as far as I can tell but evolved out of a strain of people wandering that has existed in all cultures and found a specific identity in European countries.

  • Yes, they are following a long tradition.

    Yes, it is a natural society that has evolved over many hundreds of years. In fact, a nomadic strain of human beings has always lived, and these people are certainly following in these foot steps. So they should not be discriminated against or looked down on as long as they follow the rules where they live.

  • Trying to Integrate Migrant People

    The Roma civil society is designed to help integrate the needs of the Roma people or "gypsies" into modern Europe. The nomadic gypsies are often discriminated against for their traditions that often clash with mainstream society. The Roma civil society is a means to make sure the gypsies' voices and concerns are heard in addition to allowing members to integrate into contemporary Europe.

  • It's an artificial creation.

    They're called the Romani people. The very fact that multiple questions have referred to them as "Roma" is in itself bigoted. However, as they would admit that they are a diaspora, and that their civil society is a result of assimilation into local cultures. So any attempt to lump them together is artificial.

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