Is the Roma society respected by the European Commission?

  • Roma need to work to gain more respect on their own

    The Roma society is respected by the European Commission just as any other people are. What the Roma fail to do themselves, however, is gain respect by their own actions. They need to become taxpayers and contributors to society rather than drifting and the other activities they are infamous for.

  • Roma is society respected by the European Commission

    The European Commission is respectful of the Roma people. They have made great efforts in order to integrate the Roma people into European society despite their troubled history. Although a lot of prejudice remains against the Roma, the government is not responsible for the way that individual people may act.

  • And Europe in general

    The Roma people are not particularly respected in Europe, as they have not been for their almost entire history. While Roma people are ostensibly helped and respected by The European Commission, they are clearly considered to be separate or outsiders in many countries, with the commission doing little to help them.

  • Roma Swept Under Rugs

    Europe is too busy dealing with financial and economic crises to worry about the disenfranchising of a group of people marginalized everywhere they go. The case of the Romani people is unfortunate--they simply want to be accepted for who they are. Unfortunately, discrimination follows them no matter where in Europe the Roma go. The Roma are not respected by the European Commission, otherwise there wouldn't be any problems.

  • The Roma society is not respected by the European Commission.

    The Roma society is not respected by the European Commission. They continue to face persistent discrimination and segregation. We should respect the Roma society and let them be. They like to be alone without the influence of any governing. We should stay out of their business and stop discriminating against them.

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