Is the Roman Catholic Church a force for good?

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  • Operated hospitals, schools and charities

    When people talk about the racism, bigotry and hatred of Christians, they're talking about Protestants mostly and primarily. Jim Crow, mostly Protestant. British Empire and Danish empires, Protestant. It's not all Protestants mind you, but it's the majority of the denominations. It's not Catholics who people hate so try again, folks.

  • No, if anything it's a force for evil in the world.

    And if you don't believe me, say that to the mothers of the 800 dead children found buried up in Tuam after the churches loving pastoral care took them from their mothers during the sixties, seventies and eighties. That's also not to mention the mothers that were occasionally buried with them, probably in a case of the lady doth protest too much, or the pedophiles that the holy father is protecting in the Vatican, or it's complicity in spreading aids, or, should I just leave it there?

  • An Outline of the Purpose, Guidelines and Scope of this Debate

    Before this debate starts and the arguments are presented, I wanted to put some scope on this debate, establish some guidelines and express the purpose. Firstly, we're talking specifically about the Roman Catholic Church as pseudo-political, dogmatic and hierarchical society. This debate is not intended to extend to all Roman Catholic people of faith, it focuses on the actions and policies of the upper echelons of the institutional manifestation of the Church, such as the Pope, the Cardinals and other high ranking religious figures within Vatican City. This debate is not intended to challenge the faith and religious beliefs of others. It is not intended the become an argument of "Is Catholicism a force for good". The aim of this debate is to consider differing opinions on the Catholic Church as an institution, the policies that it puts forward, the actions that it takes and the subsequent effects of those actions. Let the debate begin.

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