Is the Roman Catholic Church's contraception policy justifiable?

  • reply to no

    First let me say that according to what I learned in health you can only get STDs if you or your partner have sex with more than one partner, and that is against our fundamentals, the ten commandments. sex is defined only for procreation thus don't have sex, and when does a woman's choice and responsibility begin, not only for herself but for her potential child? Sex is meant to be in marriage for procreation thus if she doesn't want children don't have sex. As for being archaic, I agree but do you realize how long it took to get "and with your spirit" instead of "and also with you." We believe in contraception but only if it's abstinence, ever heard of it. as for being a sensitive issue I agree, which is why the church takes an opinion, but seriously people how many of you can actually give a shit, how many of you are Catholic, or do you accuse the Catholic church of doing something which you yourself are doing which is implementing your beliefs on others, I'm a Catholic yes, but life is important to me.

  • Yes.

    The Catholic Church's beliefs on contraception correspond with their beliefs on sex: That the purpose of sex is to have children. They believe that sex must have the potential of pregnancy, which by the way is considered a good thing. This justifies their beliefs against it. Also, many forms of birth control kill the embryo, making it an early abortion. Since the Catholic Church is against abortion, this is certainly justifiable.

  • Absolutely and without a doubt

    It's part of the role of religion to dictate beliefs to the adherents. It's not like the Roman Catholic Church will barge into your house and sniff around for contraception and order you instantly excommunicated if you find any. They absolutely can justify making a moral declaration that believes must adhere to, and if the believers don't adhere to it they're obviously not believers.

  • It is justifiable because the church is a voluntary institution, and no one who disagrees with it has to be part of it.

    Any church, mosque or temple organization has the right to set rules and expectations for those who choose to be members of it. That is what all organizations do, whether religious social or cultural. They have policies and beliefs. Nobody has to be part of the Roman Catholic Church, if they do not like its teachings. They can join a religion that has different beliefs about contraception. Outside interference in what a religion teaches and practices is unjust, because its teachings are only binding on those who choose to be bound by them.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • A Child is love with a Name.

    It is scriptural! Gen 1:28, 9:1,7; 35:11 - " from the beginning, the Lord commands us to be fruitful ("fertile") and multiply. A husband and wife fulfill God's plan for marriage in the bringing forth of new life, for God is life itself. "
    Rom.1:26-27 - "sexual acts without the possibility of procreation is sinful. Self-giving love is life-giving love, or the love is a lie. The unitive and procreative elements of marital love can never be divided, or the marital love is also divided, and God is left out of the marriage."

    1 Cor. 6:19-20 -" the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; thus, we must glorify God in our bodies by being open to His will. "

    The Catholic Church is against Contraception because it prohibits children being conceived. Intercourse is the most sacred way of expressing love to our husband or wife. Husband and wife vow to be open to raising children they are blessed to conceive. Contraception prohibits conception. Natural Family Planning is the only natural and safest way to welcome children into the world.

  • I disagree with it, but within the limits of their faith it is justifiable.

    People who choose to remain in the faith and choose to adhere to the policy are capable of doing otherwise. Where it becomes unjustifiable is in cases where the church attempts to lie or indoctrinate people in order to remove their ability to make that choice rationally. For instance, the behavior of the church in Africa is unjustifiable. However, the policy itself is logically justifiable based on the tenets of the church.

    Posted by: NikiM5n
  • No, because in this world you have a freedom to choose who you are as a person and as an individual. You have right to your own body, and to enjoy life.

    I think for me it is good to have faith in what you believe in, especially in your religion. But it does not justify that they will be in control of your personal decisions, such as using contraceptives. It is wise to use contraceptives to prevent any unwanted child to be born, to avoid possibly being a single parent, and also to prevent any transmitted diseases. At least you can enjoy making love without worrying about these consequences.

    Posted by: H4miJame
  • I understand and agree with the Roman Catholic Church's stance on contraception use.

    With the growing rate of teenage pregnancy and more people opting to go with abortions, it's understandable why the Church would feel pressured to change its position on contraceptive use. That is not the way Catholicism is meant to work though; the Church believes that people should adhere to the rules of the bible (sex after marriage, sex only for procreation). It's not meant to be the other way around; the bible isn't meant to bend to the will of the people.

    Posted by: 54ndDavi
  • The Roman Catholic Church is justified in its position on contraception because it's a private organization.

    The Roman Catholic Church is justified in its position on contraception because it's a private organization. Its influence today is not what it once was. People who disagree with it have the freedom now to find another religion that is more in line with their views. If enough people leave, then the Church might reconsider.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • I agree with the Church's stance on contraception because it is the one method that harms no one.

    Other ways of contraception is some way harm someone. The day- after pill kills the embryo by keeping it from developing. For many years, "the pill" was the way to kill the embryo. Abortion kills the unborn baby and creates emotional scars on mother, father and possibly other family members. A failed abortion can produce a baby with a handicapping condition. Contraception, when practiced responsibly, allows a couple to enjoy sex knowing that no person will be harmed.

    Posted by: TTrujillo13
  • Its not natural

    The disadvantage is you must remember to take it everyday. You can still get disease from pill. It can course high blood pressure. Its artificial that's why Roman Catholic Church says it's not allowed. The advantage is 99.9999% effective. It can stop woman from making an egg. Some time its won't work.

  • It's Complete Rubbish

    My parent were "devout" Catholics who followed the church's rules on birth control and everything else. My mother gave birth to 7 children in eight years and I have never heard her recall a single happy memory during the time she raised us. Both were quite outspoken about protecting the life of the unborn, (tho didn't actually DO anything to help that cause), while treating their own children like unwanted burdens. Years of abuse, and religious rantings from people who considered themselves holier than thou, have left me with nothing but disdain for the Catholic Church and it's views on contraception. The church should have used it's voice and muscle to remove the pedophile priests from their posts instead of getting into a couple's decision to limit the number of children they have. Oh, but wait, the church doesn't really care about the children.

  • It's a made-up doctrine

    Where in the bible does God tell anyone not to use contraception? It's a made up doctrine whose purpose is to breed more children for the Catholic church. Anyone who purports to speak for God really should get it right and on this topic, the Catholic church got it completely wrong. They have taken something that is none of their business and have put a burden on the backs of the faithful that God never put there. They cannot justify this policy from the bible and if it's not in the bible, they are just making it up.

  • Catholics Use Conscience

    Hardly any Catholic women believe that using birth control is wrong. 97% of them have used contraceptives at some time. Why? Because they are realists and know that not using contraceptives will usually produce large families. Most families today could not afford to raise 5,6, or 7 children. Thus the children would not be adequately taken care of, and the trauma to a woman's body after carrying many children is tremendous and an unhealthy mother would not be able to tend to the children she birthed. It actually is immoral to have children you can't take care of.

  • It helps very little.

    People are dying slow painful deaths in due to STD's and the population is rising. The Catholic leaders need to WAKE UP and apply their influence on what is beneficial to the common man instead of holding on to selfish and out-dated beliefs which have been debunked by scientific analysis.

  • I won't go as far into this as I wanted to, but.

    It is unjustified to me, merely for the fact that Catholic children are indoctrinated into their faith. All of their family and friends are usually the same way, so for them to break away from it to "choose" another religion ends up with them being excommunicated and shunned. Women are not property, they are not kitchen appliances nor are they baby machines. The bible disagrees with those three statements. I walked away from the church, and thus my family and friends. The entire system was designed to prevent critical thinking, and to ensure an abundance of zerglings to keep paying that 10%. Use contraception, and don't feel bad about it.

  • Yes

    The Catholic church allowing the use of contraception is justifiable as the use on contraception reduces the risk of infection from sex as well as unwanted births.

    Many people feel that STI's such as AIDS can only be caused by sex but that is NOT true, all it takes if bodily fluid contact which can happen outside of sex.

    The fact that contraception also stops unwanted births is beneficial as it is better to cause no birth than an unwanted child which will not be loved.

    A religion can not tell you how to live your life, you can do whatever you want, i am sure the creators of religion made the rules around what they want to happen (selfish) in order to allow every one to be like them or what they want to be like (very much like Hitler)

  • I oppose the church's stance on contraception, because it only results in the spread of STDs, the degradation of women in many societies, and an unhealthy view about sex.

    Just because the Catholic Church objects to contraception, it doesn't mean everyone, Catholic or not, should be forbidden to use it. The Church is known to tell outright lies about the birth control pill, by claiming it causes abortions, and abortion itself, in that it causes breast cancer. Science has proven otherwise. Many Catholic women use birth control. They see it as a necessity of life. The Church may see it as some wonderful gift from God, but many women understand that it is a medical condition that they want to avoid. The Church further stigmatizes sex, obsesses over virginity, and tends to view women as brood mares, who should live only to get married and have kids. This promotes a negative view of sex and degrades women to a less than 1950's social status. The Church has no business trying to be the lead authority on birth control.

    Posted by: TellingWalker59
  • Contraception should be a personal choice.

    The use of contraception should be a personal choice. The church should not have an option in the choice. There are several reasons for the choice of using contraception. The couple in question might not be financially able to afford children. Having children might pose a danger on the woman's health.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • To the church, I'm sure it is justifiable, to the rest of us, there is no reason to deny contraception.

    Because the Catholic Church deems sex appropriate ONLY for procreation, e.g. only to produce more of God's children, contraception is seen as bad because it prevents more good Catholics from being born (potentially). But forcing families to have more children than they can afford is cruel to those children suffering from poverty and malnutrition because of church doctrine. That is hardly Christian.

    Posted by: NimbleGreg

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Anonymous says2013-08-30T14:04:02.233
Why are almost two-third of you against God's will? God had made us. If you don't want extra children, practice abstinence. Or pray to God so you will not have extra children. Maybe you're thinking, "Hey, obeying God's wishes not to have contraception equals a financial burden to my family, and my wife plus my children will suffer from it."
I say to you, Hey, God has been here ever since time started or even before. He's much more knowledgeable than you about the future. Who knows? So many people from poverty had become famous people doing great deeds in the history. Who are you to question Him? He is the Holy One of Israel, our generous Lord. He had given us the sun, and He is the One who gives you the job you have now so you and your wife will not starve. Who are you to question Him, when He obviously, surely, definitely knows better? Don't rob the meaning and the purpose of the divine gift of sexual intercourse. God knows what He is doing when He gives us the divine gift. We should know better and trust God, our Lord.