• Humans sleeping on the streets

    The ''Royal Family'' are humans claiming superiority over other humans at the expense of the taxpayer. . . Those who are born into poverty and whose parents are classed as ''dole scroungers'' are worthless, Yet those who are born into wealth and position whose parents are basically ''dole scroungers'' too, Are living in luxury while less fortunate humans sleep on the streets. . .

  • Definitely and shamefully waste of money

    How english people let such an abuse? ! How they can accept to work hours and hours with low payments and modest quality of life while a whole big family earns such a huge money on their back? They eat, Dress and travel super luxury and give birth to a lot of children without any hesitate for their future!

  • Why is the royal family a waste of money

    The question that i'm asking is the royal family a waste of money? And why do you say that, Do , you agree or disagree. . . That royality is a huge waste of money. ... I really want to know why you say so ? ? ?? ? ?


    PEOPLE NEED THIER PANCAkes because The Cancer Council of Victoria estimates that 686. 7 million dollars a year is spent on care for people with smoking related illnesses. And the death will not happen to us becasue money go to the good pancAKES oh oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

  • They hold economic and cultural value

    Aside from value, with nearly 1000 years (if not more, depending on your sources) of history, they are a defining characteristic of the U.K.

    That said, most of the money that the Crown gets is by way of the land they own, such as the Duchy of Lancaster, Cornwall, etc. 15% of the Crown Estate's profits go to the Crown by way of the Sovereign's trust.

    Every taxpayer pays a sum ranging from 50 pence to over a pound per year to support the Monarchy. However, the Monarchy brings in large amounts of revenue from tourists per year. That said, the Crown still has some power under the Royal Prerogative, even if the Queen doesn't use it often.

  • Their our culture.

    Personally I don't watch the Queens speech at Christmas. I didn't watch the Royal wedding. I don't find them all that entertaining however, I do respect them. They are a living monument to the evolution of our country. I have my issues with them but I don't see them as a waste of money.
    Also who doesn't find Prince Phillip hilarious?

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