• Not good for tourism

    The argument that the royals are good for tourism is a total myth peddled by the establishment. Surveys show that the main people visit the U.K. is shopping - believe it or not! Anyway, when was the last time anyone here arranged their next foreign holiday on the basis that there was a royal family there? And even if people did, our royal family are so secretive and elusive (flying everywhere at our expense by helicopter) that you'd stand almost zero chance of seeing them. I've lived here here 62 years and seen the queen twice - and each time was thoroughly underwhelming. We should follow France's example and get rid of the Sax-Coburgs once and for all. France is THE most visited country in the world, despite being a republic, and visitors are able to visit many more of their historic buildings than we are here because they have no entitled elite cluttering them up. It's high time this spoilt, dim, untalented, hugely privileged and ungrateful bunch stepped down and allowed us to sit at the high table with other true democracies of the world with our head held high.

  • Abolish the monarchy

    Prince Andrew gained entry into Cambridge university with two B's and a C at A level. If this was you or me, Studying in a state school, We'd need to achieve A's across the board. What message does this send out to hard working students from underprivileged and minority ethnic backgrounds with aspirations to study at the highest level?

  • We need a republic

    They use up so much of our money meaning that we cant do some things and they have recently been given 369 million pounds to renovate Buckingham palace and I bet they will have some money left over. This is very bad for the economy as we keep giving them money

  • They spend too much money

    The royal family is a great family of great history, everyone from the Queen to the prince in the royal family family is respected by all those who live in the united kingdom. I personally have nothing against them; however i find it insane to know that the people's hard earned money has to be spent on taxes which are used for the royal families luxuries. I find it ludicrous that you can pay thousands on taxes and to find out that money is spent on a royal wedding that is pointless and does not help make this a stronger or more powerful nation economically. And lets be honest the decisions made in the United Kingdom are taken by the Prime Minister ( Theresa May). And i have a question for those supporting them would you rather know that your taxes are spent on cakes for the wedding or on feeding the homeless and helping those with no shelter and parents who are starving to death.

  • Royalty is not democratic, rich against poor, they holiday and live from tax payers money

    It is 21 century and time to finish with the small group of people who are born with a golden spoon in the mouth and think that everything belongs to them. They do nothing for the society apart from using tax payers money for their own pleasure. This money could be used for schools, hospitals or poor children . Royalty like to have fun and a good time in expensive places but don't like press around them in case that society could learn how they spend people's money. They often are heads of charities -just to give them something to do. Royalty, time to go to work as everybody else does!!!!

  • R r r

    The royal family have far too much wealth etc for what they do but in the end they still make money for the country by being a massive tourist attraction. This brings in more than we waste on them and, in the end, if you're talking about "for Britain", its a good thing. I don't agree with them on a morale level but they give Britain a good image in other countries' opinions and make more than they take.

  • Animals have feelings

    I do not hate the royal family but they like to hunt rare animals and hurt them. And laugh about it.That’s just pure murder.Evry living thing has feelings,memories and emotions.They are not toys or products.They are Earthly living beings! Animals are our friends.Animals are not our enemies or gun targets.

  • Sooner or later

    Sooner or later the Royal Family will by necessity have to further change; even to an unrecognisable state or disappear altogether.
    History will record where a nation distributed its resources. Privilege by birth is nonsensical. Put our energies toward those of merit be they perceived from lowly birth or not.
    The family in many ways are the jewellery Britain wears 'Britain's Bling' if you like. As good and as useful as jewellery is.

  • They're a Waste of taxes

    The royal family are useless, they won't work and we pay the queen alone £8 million a year just to be queen. This could be spent on improving our NHS or our education system. The royal family must be really big headed by now. They are stuck up snobs. We need a presiden!

  • Have the royal family ever picked up a thing heavier than a pen?! They Just collect people's money for themselves.

    They don't work but get a really luxury life!!! This is so unfair.
    Have the royal family ever picked up a thing heavier than a pen.
    We have to kick them out of this country.
    The world has changed. No country should have monarch any more.
    We have to start a revolution.

  • Worth every penny

    What would we have without them? A president like Trump? God forbid. They do work for their money. It would be a loss to charities, tourism and diplomacy if we get rid if them.
    It wouldn't make the ordinary man or woman any richer. They cost less than £1 per member of the public per year.
    What a dreary world we would live in they bring a lot of happiness etc to a lot of people.
    We can't look at depressing news all the time

  • We don't really need them.

    It has always been my opinion that the Royal Family does not have any real purpose in our modern society due to the fact that we are no longer a monarchy and are now a democracy and as such there is no reason for there to be any form of monarchy.

  • The are powerless and rich

    The royal family are powerless. The prime minister is the person running the country while the royal family spoil themselves in whatever they want. I understand how we are quite unique have a royal family but there are places more than the royal family who need the money like in Syria and Iran who have so many children who need the money and the help and while they starve the royal family sit at home with some biscuits and tea talking over by the fire in their 1 million pound room. Its not just people in other countries who need our help we need money. England is safe but that doesn't mean there aren't any homeless people or all the house people live in our healthy. We all are Human we are one community, we are equal to each other no one cost more than anyone else so why put a price on things to show our passion our love our freedom. People die every day from illness that was untreated people who have been injured constantly have to make charities for civilians. Why do the people who have the injures have to pay for themselves the royal family should help every day people.

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  • Support our country

    Because all of the royal family are giving us pleasure of living in homes with warmth and shops just round the corner for us and if we didn't have this our world would be a completely different place today But if we didn't have them we would not have this much money in our world.

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  • They are spoiled!

    They steal land and apparently get to live in a huge fancy palace and their subjects live in tiny houses! Seriously I just think George will end up as spoiled as his father. I mean seriously.....PS I do not really like duchess Kate because she thinks she is so pretty. So yeah thats my argument!

  • The Royal Family are an important asset.

    The Royal Family are fantastic ambassadors for the UK, they are very adept at mingling and building bridges with foreign dignitaries and diplomats in a way that politicians just aren't; this is due to the fact that they're born into it, live it and don't move on after 5-10 years so they build better relationships with foreign governments. The Royal Family are the glue behind the Commonwealth and they are massively popular the world over. Just look at North America's reaction the Royal Wedding and to the Royal Baby, check out the singing crowds in Rome this past weekend as Prince Harry did a tour of the Collesium and honoured the war dead of Monte Casino. They give Britain a good image and increase our popularity amongst foreign populations.

    Many of you don't like the fact that they receive a salary from the taxpayer, but many of you don't realise that not only do they pay tax on that, but that the revenues from the Crown Estates go to the government and hence to the people, have been ever since a contract was signed between the King George and the government. If you were to take that salary away and give them back the revenues to the lands which are rightfully theirs, the government and people would actually be worse off financially.

    So, are they bad for Britain? Well we've already covered that and it's a straight no and would Britain stand to lose alot if it got rid of them? Yes. Too many of you are blinded by your own jealousy.

  • The royal family waste money

    The money that they spend on wine per year could give over 530,000 families in the third world fresh drinking water. Some say they are good because they attract tourism but the royal family only generate £9 million out of tourists, this money does not even cover half of their maintenance bills

  • Part of english culture

    They are a major part of the history of Great Britain. They are a huge marketing gain for them and their various charitable endeavours helps millions of people every year. They are also just part of what makes Great Britain one of the most charming and intricate countries of our era.
    Australia has kangaroos and koalas, America has the white house and grand canyon and England has the royal family.

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