Is the Royal Melbourne Show a waste of time and money?

Asked by: Maddie_the_jedi
  • Its just pointless

    There are far better things you can spend your money on that are worth more or can yield more meaningful experiences than the stupid 'royal' show. That money could go towards having a day out except without having a creepy carnie watching you have fun and fantasizing about it. Think about it

  • Fuck off asshole

    Everyone needs enjoyment in their lives. What do you want people to do for entertainment. Find a girlfriend and find a purpose. Look up 'law of attraction' on YouTube and you'll see what I'm talking about. Maybe you're just mad because no one wants to go with you. Anyway, much love.

  • Always a pleaseure

    The RMS is an important part of my childhood, and I still enjoy going in my teens. I have so many memories of the show and I always look forward to going. Try budgeting if you want to save money, my family does and I recommend planning weeks before attending.

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