• Best of the best

    The rubik’s cube is a great fidget toy, And learning to solve one is an awesome expierence. It also teaches kids how to think ahead. Even after you solve it, You get so excited you mix it up and do it all over again. It was so great that it has evolve into much more. Like the pyramid, Barrel, Megaminx, Skewb, Molecube, And so much more

  • A Rubik's Cube is Timeless.

    People have used with and continue to use Rubik's cubes. Even after solving it, you continue to challenge yourself in time. When it comes to entertainment, a Rubik's cube will probably last someone longer than many other toys. Even after solving the cube, there are other patterns and ways to engage someone. It may also cause kids to develop an interest in puzzles. The Rubik's cube itself is far from expensive.

  • Rubiks Cube not best toy of the 80's

    Although the Rubiks cube is a classic timeless toy it was not the best of the 1980's. I think some of the other toys like the Game Boy was a much better toy and also led to so many bigger things. Although a Rubiks cube is fun to do I think that there are only so many times you can do it and once you are done you don't want to keep going on like other toys.

  • A Mattery Of Novelty

    I do not believe the Rubik's cube is the best toy of the 1980s. I've owned my fair share of Rubik's Cubes but they are very novel. I don't really consider them to be an entertaining toy. It is a puzzle and that is all. The toy doesn't really provide any valuable entertainment.

  • No it was not

    Although the Rubik's cube is a strong contender, I would not go so far as to say that is the best toy of the 1980's. There were so many toys in the 1980's, like the Transformers, the He-man toys, and G.I. Joe toys, but I would have to say the best toy of the 1980's was of course the Nintendo Entertainment System.

  • Nintendo is Way Better

    A Rubik's cube is, in short, boring. The best toy of the 1980s was the Nintendo with Super Mario Bros. and its sports games. A Rubik's cube is a great brain teaser, but it can be very frustrating after just a few minutes with very little reward. Meanwhile, a video game system keeps changing things while you work through the game to try to win. The Nintendo is one innovation from the 1980s that kept home entertainment moving forward to better things.

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