Is the ruling of Breonna Taylors death justified?

Asked by: pillows
  • We can't let our emotions get in the way

    Breonna Taylors death is a tragedy, But if the boyfriend says that he fired the first shot and that is true, Then both sides are justified. The man thought they were intruders and the police fired back as they should. She was just caught in the crossfire. If we go purely out of the anger that we have than justice will not be served, As when we are most blinded is when we are the most emotional

  • Listen up humans!

    First of all, Police don't go after people unless they are pursuing someone who broke the law or is causing trouble. That boyfriend was suspected for whatever reason he was and even if he was innocent, How could he mistake the police for intruders. The police did identify themselves before forcing entry. Now yeah, Robbers do pretend to be policemen but why not open the door and let the police in unless they were robbers. Just saying, Black people got rough times and now not all but some of them just want revenge against the white people and they use cases like this for fuel.

  • No the whole gang need to be fired

    How do you pick a wrong house?
    How do you just not knock on the front?
    Why did you do a no knock warrant and not even follow protocol?
    They could not even follow their own crooked rules.

    The occupants thought they were being robbed and fired one shot in self defense.
    The cops rather than to deescalate the situation fired 20 rounds blindly

    No you cannot let those people go unpunished.

    How would you like that you needed a leg removed and the doctor ended up removing your good leg and then instead of having one leg you woke up with none?
    And the doctor and all of his staff that was involved said opps it is what it is. They were distracted because they were playing in the surgery room.
    You want them to be punished and you want those negligent people prevented from ever practicing.
    Let me send the swat to your house and lets see if you like it if they shoot your mom and dad just because they thought they were drug sellers.

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