Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 better than the iPhone 5s?

  • Samsung is way better.

    A samsung comes with way more advantages, and people just use apple because it is a popular phone that celebrities use, also samsungs have better photos and are much easier to use and the S4 offers more help if needed and it doesn't freeze as much as a 5S, And Apple is very slow .

  • There's just no argument here

    Well first of all, Samsung is way better than Apple; making a thousand dollars more a second than Apple, Samsung dominates Apple. The s4 also has more advanced features like air gesture and air view where you don't even have to touch your phone to control it. Also the fps and gpu are extremely advanced making gameplay quicker and smoother than most phones. With the s4, you get an LED light to tell you notifications without even turning your phone on. And if your thinking "what about the finger print scanner?" Well la-dee-da turning on your phone with your finger is SUCH a big deal. Why not just do a pattern...Oh, wait, the iPhone only has one lock scheme and that's with a pin. No "face and voice" like the s4? I guess not. Just 4 numbers? Oh THAT'S efficient.

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