Is the school curriculum for netiquette for kids currently strong enough to protect them from online predators?

  • Yes, but it's ineffective

    I think schools are doing all they can to protect kids from online predators, but it really doesn't matter what the schools do if the parents are not involved. No matter how much you teach a child about something, natural curiosity will often lead the way to trouble. It's up to the parents.

  • It is necessary to protect children from cyber predators ...

    Usually children are not aware of the dangers of using inernet, and not enough to the control exercised by parents ... recently the government has intention to create an id for each user on the Internet, this makes sense because provides more security to the network, although restricted freedoms, and each user is fully responsible for their actions and decisions on the net ..

  • Schools Cannot Protect Kids From Online Predators

    Schools work tirelessly to instill in students the knowledge to help protect them against online predators. However, with predators finding new ways daily to exploit our children. Also, schools can only provide the information, and cannot oversee every child 24 hours a day to make sure they are following those guidelines given to them. Unfortunately, many parents do not monitor their kids internet usage, and for that reason, schools cannot adequately protect children against online predators.

  • No, kids are being preyed upon.

    Of course it is better to have the children educated in the class room on netiquette so that they are less vulnerable, just as they are on the street with strangers. However, parents still have to be involved in the online lives of their children for them to be truly protected.

  • No, it's not.

    Schools do not focus enough on teaching kids the important skills that could protect them from the dangerous predators online. There are to many terrible people out there who will harm our children, the schools need a better curriculum that will help better the future safety of our children on the internet.

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