Is the SEC the most talented college football conference?

  • 7 Straight Titles, 9 straight appearances

    Without a doubt, the Southeastern Conference is the best conference in college football. I know what all you BIG 10/12 loyalists will all say, "Ohio St. Beat Alabama, the SEC is overrated, SEC Bias, etc., etc." But listen, when over half of your conference is ranked in the top 25 with two more in to top 30, and 5 in the top 15 alone, consitently has almost half of the top 25 recruiting classes and has the toughest division in all of football, then you may speak. Sure the East is down and Georgia loses one or two games that they shouldn't every year (believe me as a Georgia fan, I know), but Georgia was picked as one of six teams that could make the playoff this year and Tennessee is rebounding fast, and Florida isn't too far behind. Not to mention, the conference championship game was our creation. Now just because we haven't won a natty in two years doesn't mean this train is losing speed, no no no. The SEC has been in contention for the last 14 national championships (Georgia was left out in 2002, LSU won it in 2003, Auburn went UNDEFEATED, but was left out in 2004, Georgia was AGAIN left out in 2005 , then came the 7 straight beginning in 2006 with Florida and ending in 2012 with Alabama winning back to back titles, Auburn was defeated at the last second by FSU in 2013, and Alabama was ousted in the Sugar Bowl/first round of the college football playoff last year-2014) and has 7-9 REAL contenders for the 2015 championship (All of the SEC West, Georgia, and Tennessee depending on who you ask). Plus, we have some of the best rivalries in all of college football, the Iron Bowl, Auburn/Georgia, LSU/Arkansas, Tennessee/Alabama, the Egg Bowl, Georgia/Florida, Florida/Auburn, Florida/Tennessee, the list goes on.

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