Is the semester system better than an annual system of examination?

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  • In highschool Yes

    Quick argument, more opportunities, if you end up failing a course you can repeat it in the second semester without needing to take it the following year with people younger than you. Don't like who's in your class? And can't switch out? Its only half a year and better than a full year with people you don't like. Lets say its your grade 12 year, and you find out you needed a certain course before you can take the course you want, you can take the course you need first semester and pass it, then take the course you want second semester. Less to worry about, in my high school we have 4 classes a day so 8 a year, so for half the year all you need to do is focus on your 4 courses instead of focusing on 8 everyday, plus that means less homework you need to worry about and more time to yourself.

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