• Yes, It Is

    While I am not in favor of every measure in the Senate plan, at least Congress will be able to actually do something about immigration. The de facto amnesty is unfortunate, but the increased border security will be worth the sacrifice. This plan is a sound one and should be passed as soon as possible.

  • It Is Okay

    The immigration deal put forward by the Senate is an okay plan. It has bipartisan support which is an extremely huge improvement from past deals in the Congress. We do need to move forward on this issue, because it is an important one that most people care about. This is a good start.

  • Immigration deal is a good plan

    The current immigration deal is a good plan due to it being a plan that was developed by both Republicans and Democrats. With it being bipartisan and us as a nation needing to find something that shows that both sides could get a long. Not only is this bill great that it gives both parties a piece of what they wanted, but it also helps immigrants find a way to become legal. As a nation we could use these legal immigrants in voting, paying their taxes, and serving in our military.

  • Yes. It is sensible.

    The Senate plan represents a fair compromise and progress on a contentious issue. It shows that occasionally the more conservative members can come around to compromise on a tough issue and accept that immigrants need a path to citizenship as long as they are law abiding citizens and pay the necessary costs.

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