• Yes It Is

    I believe the separation of church and state is truly still in effect. I think Christians have a very hard time with this concept, which is quite funny given that they are so adamantly opposed to Islam and their connection with Sharia Law. In theory, both are about the same problem.

  • True, the separation of church and state is still in effect.

    Yes I believe that the separation if church and state is still truly in effect. I think that it is even more separate than it was when the founding fathers started our country. The United States of America was founded by Christian men, hence the words In God We Trust being stamped on our currency. In recent years we had people fighting to take the pledge of allegiance out of our schools because of the mention God, and that Christmas trees were no longer acceptable for cities to put up because of Christ.

  • Yes, the seperation of church and state is really still in place.

    I truly believe that the separation of church and state is still in effect. I do not have any reason to think otherwise. The United States of America does a great job a making sure that politics and government rules are not dictated by that of the laws of a church or religion.

  • No, the separation of church and state is not in effect.

    Following the passage of the Affordable Care Act some religious institutions complained about a mandate requiring employers to provide coverage that includes birth control with out co-pays. When a hearing was held, the congress invited only male clergy members to testify. During the 2012 elections many churches promoted candidates despite tax-exempt status rules, and it is nearly impossible for a non-Christian to win an election. Many federal and state buildings have monuments with religious texts and there are bills that have passed in recent years restricting science education in public schools and promoting creationism and other religious themes to be taught.

  • No,too many people use God to justify laws

    There are laws in effect and other laws trying to be pushed through that are based on religious concepts. Many of these same concepts are out dated, but people who believe in Religion above all else keep them going. It is unfair to people of other religions, and groups the religions discriminate against.

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