• For shame on my countrymen to elect such an incompetant fool

    No budget for how many years, so what does anyone expect? He drove it to this and now he wants to blame someone else AS usual. He can't pass a budget, but he sure can pass the buck. The administration has wished for all the nasty little things they spouted would happen to happen in order to get public support, but it's doing nothing but backfiring in his face...Rightly so.

  • Obama created the crises to try and force Republicans to pass a bill favoring his positions.

    Last year, president Obama created the sequester to put a gun to the heads of Congress to force them to pass a comprehensive budget bill. Now that gun went off, because of course Congress can't agree on anything. Blaming either party is unproductive and frankly quite stupid, because both could have caved to their opponents in the new budget. But as a moderate, I can't expect either party to compromise their beliefs, leaving the person who created it to blame.

  • The idea proposed by the White House.

    The White House proposed the sequester. The President signed the bill for sequester instead of giving it a veto. We had a saying in the military: you may delegate authority, but not responsibility. The President, as a leader, must take responsibility. For those of you saying "it's not entirely his fault," it doesn't matter. It might be other people's faults as well, but that doesn't mean he's magically blameless now.

  • Obama Could Compromise and Won't.

    The congress and John B. has given Obama the option of changing the sequester into something more targeted. He could cut in places that should be cut, true government waste, and he flatly said no. He is unwilling to cut government, even rank government waste. If the sequester goes through as is, it will be his fault. In a budget as big as ours with trillions of dollars being spent, there is 85 billion that can be cut without threatening vital interests. He has been given this option and refuses to take it. He is unwilling to do so instead deciding to vilify the congress and play games with the American people and their tax dollars.

  • Yes, he should do more.

    I voted for the guy, but he has gone back on everything he has said. He needs to stop flying around the country to talk about problems, and sit down and fix them. The cuts may not be entirely his fault, but he is not really doing anything to make a difference.

  • Who's idea was this?

    The headline says it all. The republicans came up with this, and they did it like a child throwing a tantrum. It was never meant to be put into use, but when they didn't get their way, they lay on the ground, kicked, screamed, and let it go. The fact that the president wouldn't bend on his ideals again is just a parent telling their children to sit in timeout.

  • Obama is the scapegoat, and the sequester should not be blamed on him.

    The sequester happened for entirely different reasons. To blame this sequester solely upon the President is unfair. I think that people just like to peg Obama as a scape goat because he is the face of this country. The sequester was agreed upon and there is a reason for it.

  • No, the sequester is not Obama's fault

    The sequester is the fault of past mind's lack of insight. It was an agreed upon event that could have been prevented through cooperation between the two parties. Since neither side will adhere to the others wishes, there is a good chance it will occur. Only then will the true effects be shown and only then can blame be placed.

  • No, it is not entirely his fault.

    As I understand it, the sequester was an agreed upon event that was set for the future and so unthinkable that it would encourage the congress and the president to work seriously to avoid it. It hasn't exactly worked out that way, but I don't think it is any one person's fault. One thing I've noticed is that our current government does not seem to do anything until pushed to a crisis mode, putting things off for as long as possible. I tend not to think that the consequences of sequestration will be that serious, otherwise it would have motivated the parties involved to actually come to an agreement.

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