Is the Sex Offender Registry a form of punishment?

Asked by: fdarn
  • It certainly is

    There are myna conditions, and the police can surveil and harrass you unlimited once your on the register they will come and search your house, take you to the police station for interviews ongoing.
    They basically own you. You have to tell them if you spend only one night away from your home address (if you have one)
    if you are homeless you are recriminalized as you cant provide an address under this law and you will have to go to the police station more often. The SOR is a mental straitjacket for many. Its not part of the sentence its an obligotory thing you must sign or you are breaking the law and back to jail you go until you sign it!

  • Torn on this

    I believe parents and children have the right to be safe, but I must also look at the offendent had paid his time to society. I also feel that society must treat all equally. If a sex offender should register and have his/her movements/housing/employment restricted, so to should all criminals, or at least all felons. We still have the scarlet letter. I think many may want to stay in prison as they can be assured of housing and food.

  • It is an addition to their prison sentence.

    This law prevents registrants from moving on after completing their sentence and leading productive lives. It subjects them and their family to harassment, humiliation and in some cases violence. I would consider this an additional punishment to their prison sentences for those reasons and more. They will never be able to live as free and enjoy the same privileges as non-sex offenders.

  • I have a split answer

    For adults (18+) who abused children or those that have sexually abused a child that is ten years younger than them, these people should have been put in jail for life. The fact that they were allowed to leave prison after brutally impacting a child's life in a negative way is beyond me. I personally feel that anyone who feels pity for them or who disagrees with me on this portion has severe mental problems or are victims themselves who have been scarred from thinking differently.

    Now, for those that were caught with child pornography or the children who abused other children and other "lesser" sex offenses. These people should get the maximum punishment available for the crime that they committed and then that should be the end of it. I do not see a reason for placing them on the list. They are already looked down upon for jail time on their record. They should get a chance of some sort to get back into society.

  • Just a consequence they brought upon themselves.

    Hypothetically, a person attempts to rob someone but picks the wrong person as his intended victim is a Navy SEAL. As a result, the robber gets injured so bad he walks with a limp the rest of his life. Sure, the beating and probably jail time he serves may be seen as forms of punishment, The limp is just a consequence he brought upon himself.
    Registering as a sex offender is intended for public safety as often, sex offenders go back to their old ways after being released. It alerts parents of children to the presence of a real danger to their kids. Clearly any parent would want to know of any potential dangers to their child and the best way for parents to keep their kids safe is to know where this danger is, even if it is a person.
    The sex offender caused his circumstance of being registered so if it could be considered punishment, then it would be self inflicted.

    Because so many crimes are considered sexual offenses, I think many found guilt of certain crimes should not have to be registered or tracked as they are not a real threat to the public. For instance, in some places, urinating in public and a consenting legal age couple having sex in a public place are sexual offenses. Clearly they would not be a sexual threat to the public as someone like a child molester would be, I don't think they should be required to register.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-12-23T23:01:03.057
Maybe it is, but everyone has a right to be made known of the presence of sex offenders in their neighborhoods.