Is the sexualization of society having a negative effect ?

Asked by: Rocketman806
  • The mainstream titillation of sex cheapens it

    Sexual excitement has always been one of the most sought out pleasures of mankind. Not only is it physically pleasurable but it is naturally coupled with a deeper level of intimate connection with another person within its nature. We are social creatures as much as we are procreating creatures. Within a marriage, this sexual union can be an exclusive intimate connection to someone and at the same time bear children (fulfilling both social and procreative). It is how individuals start families that start societies. However, like any other urge we have, if we do not discipline our sexual appetites and behaviors by giving in to every sexual proclivity that our imagination entices us with, we then degrade it to the level of a cheap self-serving thrill we constantly chase incessantly throughout life. We have stripped it of its intimacy. We now look at others as an object of means to be used to fulfill our sexual appetites at the moment not seeing any value of them beyond the orgasm. Today's marketing, media, internet culture, and societal culture all seek to stimulate our sexual imaginations in order to use us to accomplish whatever their agenda holds whether it's to sell you something, influence your politics/religious beliefs, etc. Our culture uses sex to exploit what it wants out of us, and we now are so inundated by the cheapening of it that we seek to exploit others to satisfy our now behemoth and unhealthy sexual urges.

  • Sex is just another educational event in our development

    Future humans will find a way to exist without sexual needs

    as will they overcome all of the continually changing needs eventually, only so that new needs can challenge us, and this will always be

    on the topic of sex humans think they r so exploratory yet the truth is that no human ever has the courage to really explore the taboos they crave for and certainly dont hav the intellect to admit to their lusts openly to their partners without causing a hurricane of problems.

    For eg

    people r scared of their own thoughts.

    Everyone wud enjoy sexing with multiple partners, but r too scared to admit this

    instead we lie and tell our partners that we feel attraction only to them, whereas the truth is more likely that we feel attracted only to them who we havent tried

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