Is the Short Circuit from Team Fortress 2 overpowered?

Asked by: Culpable
  • Very very op

    The Short Circuit is OP because it shuts down two counters of the Engie - Soldier and Demoman.

    Demos get it worse because 2 out of 3 of their weapons are projectile based and get destroyed by the Short Circuit - Soldiers with Banners or Boots get it too. Now, you need to rely on melee or shotgun to get things done.

    To make things harder, most Engies will have a sentry or more commonly a minisentry, that thing has a high range and a messed up firing speed, and it boils down to...

    1 - you win against the engie, but the sentry kills you

    2 - you destroy the sentry with your shotgun, but the engie on the other side deals damage to you

    3 - you escape with low health and guess what the Engie can outrace you and chase you down till you die

    4 - by a stroke of luck you destroy both

    This is why it is OP.

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