• Shroud is real

    If 21st Century science cannot prove how it was created. Then ancient or midevil people could not have created it. Nothing else in the world has the same characteristics of it. The blood from the shroud matches blood from consecrated hosts used during masses. Explain to me how it could be faked and I will listen.

  • The Shroud IS Real

    The carbon test was proved invalid due to taking a sample from a rewoven part of the shroud. The image of the crucified individual shows weightlessness and that the image is like an X-ray.The image was made only while the cloth was taught and horizontal to the ground causing no image to be formed of the sides of the body.The blood is real blood of the type AB.The blood came first and then the image was formed.The image is not a painting there are no pigments or gums or dyes.Serum stains were found with blood kept red making it unlikely a forger that did this.There are countless other facts which make it highly likely that it is genuine.If it is then the catholics are in big trouble.

  • The Shroud of Turin is real

    There is lots of evidence for it, and while many arguments are made against it, they have been debunked. The C14 dating, for example, is false, because the section used for the dating had been added at a later date. Read the article about the Shroud in Catholic Answers Magizine (March-April 2014) for more info.

  • The shroud is real

    The forensic evidence present on the shroud, its historical lineage, and the significant amount of testing on the shroud all point to its validity.

    Additionally, there is no known way to reproduce the shroud using any technology, modern or ancient. It is unique in the world of antiquities and is thus likely true.

  • It's Jesus burial Cloth

    There is so much supporting evidence for it being the burial cloth of a crucified man, at the time of Jesus, and the evidence points to His, add the fact that scientists that examined it can't explain how the image got on it. Sceptics have access to the same information, if they examine it, they could only conclude it's the real thing.

  • It is real

    Because in the church were the should was keep in there was a fire and in every place it was burned besides the head of Jesus. People also say that it was layed on Jesus when he sacrificed himself one the cross and died and 72 hours later he came back to life and told them not to grieve.

  • Have you seen the History Channel?

    There's an entire documentary dedicated to the Shroud of Turin. Along with other items that appear to be "divine" and "miracles", the Shroud is just another hoax. Whether it was made maliciously, or simply the result of some freak occurrence is irrelevant. There's no evidence to support it, and the carbon dating has proven inconclusive.

  • It is not.

    I think that this whole thing is ridiculous. I fail to see any kind of good evidence that would one day ever begin to hope to make me think that I should consider the idea that it is possible that such a thing is real and belongs in this world.

  • Perhaps it is, but...

    The reality is that it's really just an opinion. The only reason I'm saying that it is not real is that there's no way to really prove that it is real. So, it's not that it can't be, but I just haven't seen any evidence that proves it without a doubt.

  • No the Shroud of Turin is not real

    No, I do not believe that the Shroud of Turin is real and that it is a cloth that is deceptive. I know many people want to believe that the Shroud does in fact show Christ's body across it, but I do not believe that enough scientific evidence supports the Shroud being authentic.

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