• Just watch one episode, And you will agree.

    1. It's bloody hilarious
    The humour in the show is second to none.

    2. There was loads of adult humour that went over our heads

    Which makes it even better to look back upon now.

    3. It's the most quotable TV show of all time
    Every single episode has some one liners that are still being said, 'Stupid sexy Flanders. '

    4. They're yellow because Groening wanted them to be instantly recognisable
    It clearly worked as the show is one of the most recognisable ever.

    5. Every character is so unique
    With different voices, Personalities and entire episodes dedicated to their life.

    6. The cast do multiple character voices
    They're so talented and have made each voice iconic.

    7. Their Treehouse of Horror episodes perfectly slag classic horror films
    From The Shining and The Mummy to Frankenstein – they've done it all.

    8. The inter-textuality and knowledge of popular culture makes it unique
    It's so on the cusp with popular culture and also features real life celebrities.

    9. It doesn't have to be crude to be funny
    Unlike Family Guy and South Park, It can be sharp and witty.

    10. The opening song is SO CATCHY
    Everyone instantly recognises it.

    11. It's been going on for 27 years – they're doing something right
    Generations have grown up on the sitcom and for good reason too.

  • Yes because of how consistent it has been good.

    We know the Simpsons aren´t as good as they used to be but the first 9 seasons were the best tv shows of all time and I know everybody hates the show but regardless of what they may think it is the best tv show of all time. I still watch the show and watch new episodes that's how consistent it has been. Modern Simpsons are underrated because they still are consistent with making great episodes and no other tv show could be as consistently good as the Simpsons have been all these years. I also don´t get how people don´t think it is the best tv show of all time because of its later seasons because it still has been good and that is why it is the best tv show of all time.

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