• Omg yes of course!

    I'm 10 and a girl. I watch the show all the time! There may be a few things bad but it's an amazing. I can do a really good impression of mr. Burns.
    It's truly one of the greatest shows on tv. Its now 2018 and a have watched all the episodes. I love the simpsons.

  • Yes it is.

    It is a very good show because it makes humor for older kids and adults to laugh at. People complain about how the characters don't age thoughout the show but it doesn't really change the quality of it and they mostly just ignored it. It is good it wasn't trendy at first because otherwise it wouldn't go to the top of the chart and then die. The show just keeps living instead and probably optained more views (in total) out of most or even every show since it has lived way longer than trendy shows. People say that the show isn't as good but I think after season 20 or around their the show made big improvements

  • Because I said so

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  • Its a classic

    How could a show last 26 years without being great? Some people say the Simpsons lost its magic. I say the first 12 seasons are all gems and that the new episodes are better than anything else animated sitcoms have to offer. Th e likes of Family Guy doesn't even come close. Some shows have futurama and bobs burgers but the Simpsons has that magic that enthrolls you from each episodes beggining to end.

  • The Simpsons Has it All

    My support of the show refers to what I would call the golden age of the Simpsons, which was roughly the first 8-10 seasons. Although there's plenty of great stuff in the post-2k episodes, I think it's only fair to compare one show to another when comparing each show's prime seasons.

    I have probably spent more time watching South Park, and have often said South Park is my favorite animated show, but there's a quality about The Simpsons that truly sets it on a whole other level that even a South Park or Futurama don't come close to capturing.

    The Simpsons was truly groundbreaking when it first began. It used varied levels of humor: great slapstick and ridiculous comedy for young viewers, ironic and witty lines that appealed to older people, and even political/cultural references that appealed to the 'high brow' crowd. It had social commentary, but it was always subtle and intelligent and never obnoxiously preachy. It had heavy doses of sarcasm and parody, but unlike many shows that later followed suit (such as Family Guy), the writers weren't afraid to create some powerful emotional scenes every once in a while. In this sense, it wasn't just a laugh-machine. It was a truly well-rounded show. The subject of each episode often ends up being something completely different than what you would guess from watching the first two minutes, but not in a way that was haphazard (ahem...Family Guy), but rather carefully-crafted to purposefully keep the show from being predictable.
    Also, no other show has such a large number of characters who have been so fully fleshed out with colorful backstories.

    The problem with judging a show like the Simpsons today is that it influenced so many shows later on, so now it does not seem as original or special.

  • The Simpsons started it all.

    The Simpsons animated TV series is one of the founding animated TV series of our time. It has paved the way for most of the profound comedy, dramas and mini series we have today. The sheer time on air alone is evidence of its success. There aren't any animated shows out today that can compare with its success.

  • Yes, the Simpsons is the best cartoon ever.

    I think that the show The Simpsons is the best animated television cartoon ever created. No show has been able to match the quality of The Simpsons. Even though I do not think that the show is currently still as good, the show's history and legacy is definitely the reason it deserves its reputation.

  • No but it once was.

    I believe it once was the best but it has since been dethroned. Shows like South Park, Batman the animated series and Avatar The last Airbender have surpassed it in quality. I will agree that it is no doubt the best sitcom ever created however it's a bit of a stretch to call it the best animated show and it's going a bit to far if you call it the best tv show period.

  • Animaniacs was better.

    No, the Simpsons was not the greatest animated television show ever created, because it only appealed to a limited group of people. Animaniacs was better, because it was even more clever than the Simpsons. It is also harder to write to children, and Animaniacs succeeded in entertaining children and adults alike.

  • 'The Simpsons' Are Too Repetitive

    "The Simpsons" is too repetitive. How many years is Bart going to be in fourth grade? He hasn't grown up in 25 years! There are only so many plotlines Springfield's most famous family can endure before being tapped out. Viewers have dropped too. When the show first premiered, it was ranked 30th among all shows in one season in 1990. Now, it's ranked 70th due to a glut of cable channels and reality television. Besides, there are plenty of cartoons that are better like "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and even "Family Guy."

  • No, though it is one of the best.

    The Simpsons is an amazing animated television show, but to call it the best ignores many other awesome shows, such as Family Guy, Futurama, and Batman: The Animated Series. Each animated show has its ups and downs, and since The Simpsons is generally thought to be diminishing in quality it simply can't hold the title of best ever created.

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