• I think so

    If the llamas say yes, I say yes too. XDDDDDDDDD omg but what if the air is just blue because it is filled with some crazy gas that is blue and is slowly killing us as we breathe so the only option I so stay insides and stop going outside! XP

  • Yes it is

    The sky has a prism effect on it. It reflects from the light crystals and is reflected from the ocean. The ocean is a reflection from the algae and everything will be a reflection like a mirror but the prism effect reflects the color that can be sustained by the light particles in the air.

  • Yes Most the time it is!!!

    It will depend on the day if it is a rainy day the sky may be gray or if it is snowing then it might be a really dark gray. If there is not really a way to proove this unless there is someon ewho wantes to volentere to go up in space and accually find out.

  • Use logic Duh

    Physics say that the sky really isn't blue when really it is. The water reflects off of the sky making the sky appear blue so if someone were to ask you what color the sky is you would logically say that is blue based on what you see and since that is what you see you have to say the sky is blue

  • In physics, it is not,

    As the components that make up 100% of it (not fully, but it'd take too long to write down all those 9s), which are, in order of occurrance: nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), water (0,7%), carbondioxide (0,04%) and noble gases. Funny thing is then, all of those have no colour visible for humans, so the sky is not actually blue. However, the universe is, all the lighting (stars, clouds) make it a little blue, when the sun shines its white light (all colours combined) to earth, it is to travel through space, making our sky appear blue, whil it is not.

  • No It is not

    There really isn't a sky at all it is just clear air. But since the water is blue the reflection makes it look like it is blue. But if someone asked you what color is the sky of course you are going to say blue, duh! It just makes sense.

  • Reflection of Water

    Light reflects off of the ozone and atmosphere that encompasses the Earth. Since the majority of the matter on Earth is water, blue is reflected from the sky and that is what we see when we look at it. There is probably more to it with the compounds of the atmosphere allowing certain light (colors) to pass through it, but I'm no scientist

  • It is light

    First of all, the sky isn't really a solid object so it can't directly have a color.
    Secondly, the reason the sky looks blue is because light from the sun gets scattered throughout the air by particles of oxygen and nitrogen and the short wave lengths (blue) reach our eyes; making the sky appear to be blue.

  • No it is not

    The sky is not blue. When you look up at the sky it is really just black, nothing. The sky is blue because the water is blue. The water reflects into the sky and makes it blue. The sky also has to do with the sun that's why it is not blue during the night.

  • Not at all

    The color of the sky is blue because the original sky transparent but is seen as blue because it reflects on the sea. So its not blue at all its transparent because of the sea so please look at the percentage of NO so yeah
    so it is actually transparent

  • The sky is not blue

    How can the sky actually be blue? Just because we see blue doesn't make it blue. I mean, human eyes can only see so much, what if the particles of the sky's colour is a soo colourful that our eyes only allow us to see its lowest shade, blue ? Oh, can we have some kind of sky scientist to answer my question , hm ?

  • It is not really blue.

    The sky isn't really blue because the sun gives it it's color. I know this because in the night the sky is actually black. If the sky was actually blue it would not get black in the night. The sky is actually black, not blue. The sun gives it it's color.

  • The Sky is Not Really Blue

    No, the sky is not really blue. Rather, the sky appears to be various colors depending upon the time of day and the angle at which the sun's rays strike a particular side of the Earth. At various times, the sky may appear to be blue, red, black, or even purple.

  • Did you even pay attention?

    The color that you see is not the color that is there. Elementary school science tells us that the color depicted in an item is actually a compilation of all other colors in existence. Thus, the sky looks blue because it is every color EXCEPT blue. It's not blue at all.

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