• The smartwatch will find its way into our lives eventually

    The smartwatch is definitely more than a fad. Being able to condense such a high-functioning device into a watch-sized gadget will benefit our lives in ways that go beyond just the smartwatch. The fad of the smartwatch itself may fade, but many facets of our lives will be improved by smaller devices in our lives.

  • Yes people just have to get past the "It looks funny" stuff

    The future is going to be weird. I've seen some new phones, cars, games, all kinds of stuff that all look awesome in their own way but because they're so new they look weird to us. I think that in a few years the smart watch will have more room for personality so it doesn't look like every other smart watch out there. People wear watches nowadays not because it tells them the time, but because they just look cool. I really hope it's not just a fad. Google glass though? Ehhh I don't know.

  • Not just a fad

    I truly think that technology is going this way and will not only be a fad. I think that people would like to be able to have easier access to some things on their phone. However, I think that innovation will take this even further and it will continue to be in our lives.

  • Here to say

    With the integration of technology, an increasing market and millions already sold, the smartwatch is here to stay. Being able to check email, make calls and get your text messages through a much smaller device is a huge benefit to our lives that goes far beyond the smartwatch. People may look weird now talking to their wrist and that’s because smartwatches are new to many however once people are able to get pass this the smartwatch will eventually be more wrist than predicted.

  • Just A Fad

    I believe the smart watch is just a fad and that is all it will ever be. I like the versatility of my phone and I'm not going to give that up. Strapping something to my wrist that performs the same functions is just overkill. I don't think we'll see an overly successful smart watch.

  • Smartwatches are the latest craze

    There is no long lasting need for a smartwatch. People are inundated with modern Smart technology. With a mobile phone in your pocket and a tablet in your bag, what need do you have of a Smartwatch? It's always exciting to buy the new technology, but in the long term, there is no need of it when a mobile phone is a lot more practical.

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