Is the socialist idea of doing away with private property and introducing collective ownership a good one?

  • Yes, in theory

    In theory socialism is a great idea. Everyone working towards the common good! You wouldn't feel jealousy of what others have and you would all work towards the same societal goals. However, human nature doesn't work that way, which is why most socialist experiments have not been successful. I think it's worth trying again.

  • Speech on the socialist idea of doing away with private property and introducing collective ownership

    Ability to own personal property is a wonderful thing for a free people. I like having my own property that no one has the right to just wrench away from me. My neighbors may own more than me, but what is mine is mine. I do not begrudge the ability of my neighbor to own more. More power to them. The only way to move up in a society is the ability to work and gain more. And, most importantly, I do not belong to a government. I am my own person. My rights come from a Creator, not some abstract government. My life does not belong to a government. I still wholeheartedly agree with my forefathers: Give me liberty or give me death.

  • Human nature doesn't work like that, dearie.

    In response to the first voter, I would like to say that you just defeated your own argument. Human nature DOESN'T work that way. In the 6,000 years of recorded human history (don't get me started on the five trillion or whatever you claim) has human nature ever changed? No. Socialism will NOT work for the same reasons that all other "experiments" have failed -- people got used to the free handouts and decided not to work, as humans tend to do, and from lack of money the government went down the drain. Simple as that. Private property must be preserved because the rights to own your own businesses and homes are the basis of successful democracy, and the motive to defend and keep that is what keeps people in work. If it's just going to be paid for and ensured by the government, then no one has motive and we go down, timber. That's just the way human nature is and always will be -- the want to get something without earning it -- so there's no real use in "trying it again".

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