Is the solar roadways project a good idea? Http://www.Solarroadways.Com https://www.Indiegogo.Com/projects/solar-roadways

Asked by: Bertie1987
  • Yes, absolutely it would be fantastic

    This is a fantastic concept.

    The roads are not made of actual glass, but instead are made from a tempered glass-plastic hybrid material similar to, but stronger than Pyrex.

    The solar pavement can be replaced cell by cell, so there is no need for entire road repairs.

    The panels would produce three times more energy than the nation currently uses.

    Even if this was implemented in a city, by city, capacity. It would be a tremendous benefit to the nation.

    Additionally, this technological effort will surely lead to more progress on the clean energy front. Already, the Obama energy tax incentives have allowed thousands of solar energy businesses to expand their operation and profits.

    The solar panels can hold a capacity of an 18 wheeler, and are exceedingly durable.

    I hope to see these implemented in a city sometime this decade.

  • No, because of many reasons

    Ofcourse it would be great to have lots and lots of solar cells and dynamic road lighting and melting snow and touch sensitive roads and ...

    But the concept is simply far behind the horizon of possibilities.
    I'm mainly talking about the total cost, the efficiency of the solar cells and the durability of the tiles.

    There are far better places to put solar panels than on the roads.
    Glass is not a good material to build roads.

    Many people are arguing if normal solar panels are already worth the investment. Having trucks driving over them is really not going to make them a better investment.

    Please put normal solar panels in a wide field and directed to the sun instead.

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abyteofbrain says2014-08-05T17:05:38.740
Conditionally. It could limit the types of vehicles that can use the road. It would be bad in snowy areas, because it would get no sun under snow, and chains should not be used on it. It would make night driving much safer because of the light. You'd be able to see the road and what is on it ahead of you for a very good distance.
abyteofbrain says2014-08-05T17:06:26.663
It would be very expensive to place, but could be repaired more easily and cheaply than asphalt of cement.