• Yes, paying teachers more would be a good start to closing the gender pay gap

    The fact that such a large percentage of teachers are women makes average teacher salary an important issue in the question of the pay gap between men and women. The natural conclusion of this understanding of the situation is that, in order to close the gender pay gap, paying teachers more is a big step in the right direction. While it certainly would not solve the problem completely, it would definitely help.

  • No, paying teachers more will not solve the gender pay gap.

    The gender pay gap exists in a multitude of careers outside of the education field, so increasing pay for teachers alone does nothing to address gender-based pay discrepancies in other career areas. Further, teachers as a group are not solely female, so an increase in pay for teachers as a whole would increase pay for teachers of both genders, thereby doing nothing to reduce or eliminate the pay gap between men and women.

  • Men V Women: Who is worth more?

    Why do women continue to be paid much less on the dollar than our male counterparts? Studies show more and more senior executive-level employees are women, yet we are still being paid much less. Paying our teachers more would be beneficial to the students, but have no impact on the issue at hand.

  • Paying teachers more has nothing to do with the gender gap

    People need to simple realize that men and women in work place are equal and they should get paid the same regardless of their gender. People need to erase the fact they think of womenas inferior to men, when women perform just as well as guys do in the work place.

  • It's a mentality problem:

    There's a lot of reasons why people have this issue floating around but part of it comes from the fact that people in general simply see females as "waifs" who are weaker and less capable than their counterparts. This mentality has to die before there is any hope of equality but targettng a specific field won't do much.

  • No, Paying Teachers More Will Not Solve the Gender Pay Gap

    Paying teachers more has nothing to do with solving the gender pay gap in the United States. The gender pay gap can only be solved when men and women are paid equally for the amount of work that they do. The pay should be equal across all fields of work.

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