• Scripture itself affirms it.

    Premise 1: Begetter: The eternal Lord – Proverbs 8:22 LXX
    Premise 2: Begotten: The eternal Wisdom –Proverbs 8:25 LXX
    Conclusion: The eternal Lord eternally begets Wisdom.

    God begets Wisdom even before the Genesis creation: “The Lord created me, the first of his ways for his way” (Proverbs 8:22 LXX) “Before the hills, he begets me” (Proverbs 8:25 LXX)

    Begetting denotes “creation within one’s nature”. This is akin to the scientific law of Gregor Mendel’s Genetics (like begets like). In Latin, this is called “creation ad intra” ( creation from within). Wisdom is equal to God in nature because he came from God’s very being. On the other hand, creation ad extra or creation from outside one’s nature is the one referred to in the Genesis account of creation (e.G. God created Adam out of dust. God and Adam are not equal in nature).

    Posted by: radz
  • No. Definitely not.

    Well, being begotten means that he would have had to have existed. To be eternally begotten is requires Christianity to be true.

    A) You cannot prove Christianity is true. I have never heard a compelling argument where Christianity couldn't be replaced by any other religion.

    B) There is no contemporary historical evidence of Jesus existing. The closest is historians commenting on the beliefs of Christians, though Jesus was surprisingly not documented once, in an era of history where almost everything was documented. If Jesus was important, than he would have been documented at least once by a contemporary source. I would understand if Jesus supposedly existed during a time when the Roman empire did not control Judea, but the fact that he did, and there is no documentation of him, is very surprising. However, it is unsurprising that the Jews were looking for their Messiah. Christianity spread because the Jews wanted a messiah to throw out the Romans, and because of the beliefs of Christianity, it very much appealed to the slave population and the poor.

    Please join me in saying "*uck you!" to the emperor Constantine.

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