• Yes, the Sony hack caused major damage to Sony employees.

    The hack has leaked employee's personal information such as social security numbers which made nearly 3,700 employees at risk for identity theft and it also leaked employee's salary information that showed major pay gaps between employees in relation to gender and race. The Sony hack has also leaked movies that haven't been released to theaters yet and have now been illegally downloaded to personal computers nationwide.

  • Yes, Sony is one of the worst hacks ever.

    Yes. Sony is one of the worst hacks ever. This hack has brought one of the biggest Hollywood Studios to its' knees. The studio has been forced to send home employees. They also have to recover from the monetary loss of some of their biggest films. I hope that they are able to recover.

  • The Sony hack is definitely one of the worst hacks ever.

    The latest in a string of high-profile hacks against large corporations, this recent breach of Sony security is the worst yet. The amount of personal information accessed alone is staggering, not to mention the intellectual property such as movies and other media. That being said, it is surely only a matter of time until another hack eclipses the Sony hack in terms of effect.

  • Sony Hack is not one of the worst.

    Sony's recent hack may be staggeringly bad for the motion picture business, but it is merely business. On an ethical level, the worst hack ever is what is known on the net as "the fappening" in which many female celebrities cell phones were hacked and their private nude pictures released on the internet. Gross invasion of privacy trumps movie leaks.

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