• All time classic

    I believe that The Sound of Music is must-watch holiday classic in 99% of US households. It is an evergreen, and it is always good to bring back some old memories, especially at Christmas. Movie is a piece of art and my family recommends it to everyone who wants to relax.

  • heartwarming and beautiful production

    The Sound of Music this season is a “must see” this holiday season, it's a great show. Jack O’Brien tried to remake an icon, and I can tell you that this beautiful production did not disappoint. It's a kind story and it's really good to watch it the whole family during the Christmas time.

  • Not a "Holiday" movie

    "The Sound of Music", in my opinion, isn't really a holiday movie. There is much more better and Holiday-Oriented movies out there then this one. Now, I'm not saying it's a bad movie, it's just that it would be something me and my family would watch over the holiday season.

  • We never watch The Sound of Music at my house around the holidays.

    I personally have never seen The Sound of Music, so it is clearly not a big deal to watch around the holidays in my household at all. The only movies that are must-watches in my opinion are Elf and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. There are few others, but these are the two most important Christmas movies in my house.

  • The Sound of Music is not a must-watch holiday classic

    The Sound of Music is not a go-to holiday classic in our home. We do not have a tradition of watching any holiday movie as a family. Usually a football game is on or the TV is off. Mostly we spend time with each other and talk, cook and play games. There are other movies I enjoy around the holiday season, although they are movies made after 1980.

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