• Studies show it

    Study after study show that Southern Americans are more bigoted than the rest of the country. Many places still support social segregation, like the recent Wilcox County segregated prom. Many Southerners still oppose interracial marriage. The South is also famous for being generally more bigoted in general. It is the most racist (Against Civil Rights Movement) , sexist (Against ERA), and more recently shown as the most homophobic (Against Gay Marriage).

  • Statistically, yes they are.

    While, yes, there are racists all over the nation (and this planet for that matter). Statistically, in the the US, the south has a greater concentration of racists. There are a number of ways to measure this and all have come to the same conclusion. Whether it is based on tweets across the country (since people do not voluntarily raise their hand when asked "any racists in the room?" you have to find out via other means). Now, if you look for more than just racist, you'll find other interesting trends (like homophobic and sexist).


  • Lived in both

    Unless the entire country is getting more racist, Having recently moved to the south, I am shocked by the casual racist comments coworkers and the media in general say, and get away with! Comments like "well black people shouldnt be doing things that make us afraid" and on a major radio station playing a song "every muslim must be stoned" as a joke. Makes me sick!

  • KKK Still Exists

    The South is more racist than the North in the United States because the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) still exists. Some traditionalists and people of an older persuasion still use the "N" word in regular speech. Some hardliners even feel the Civil War never ended. In 20 years, hopefully attitudes will change when many Southerner states have black and Hispanic majorities instead of whites.

  • Let`s be honest

    Look at it this way, the south still has segregated proms, a judge recently refused to marry a black and white couple and the kkk is still around. If you talk to a southerner, at least 75 percent have a racist opinion, the south has a history of disenfranchising African Americans, and after segregation it didn`t just end, it still lived in people`s hearts.

  • The South stereotyped as "racist" only exists because they used to be Confederate states in the 1800s

    My family used to move all over the country because my dad worked in business. We had to move to Texas for a few years from his job, and my family have never met such nice and friendly people. People of all colors work and hang out together there. Texas is also home to a large growing Asian population as well. Ever since then, they have been sickened by people of the North pointing fingers at the South that they are racist. Recently as well, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said that he has experienced racism so much more in the North and rarely in the South. So, no, if people really think the South is super racist still, they should visit there and see for themselves.

  • There's racial elitism everywhere

    People are openly racist all across the country. Go to some parts of upstate New York and they will harass you openly. Go to the North. Anywhere in this Anglo-Saxon country there's bound to be racial hatred -- openly. And there is NO such a thing as denying racism. If Southerners are openly racist, so are Northerners.

  • South doesn't Patronize

    In the South, there may be self-segragation on both sides, and some disparities of outcomes.

    But, I don't think the average southerner who has "conservative" views towards race actually PITIES black people the way Northerners will do so.

    Northerners turn their inner-city blacks into a cause. Much more of a gang-probem in the North.

    Sure, Northerners who don't live around blacks will say they aren't racist. Look at anyone who lives near poor blacks in the North, they are SCARED of black, and feel bad for them.

    In the North, the issue is unwanted proximity to poor blacks. This actually produces a more virulent strain of racism than being around working class blacks with a lower degree of proximity and concentration.

    If I was in prison, I'd rather be in the South. I don't think the blacks would victimize me the way they would in the North.

    It's the same thing in Europe. Mediterranean cultures have more proximity to blacks, a more chauvinist, traditional, patriarchal culture...And, are much more racist than Western Europe.

    Rich people have class-based racism in the north, and poor people have proximity-based racism in the North. The middle class actively chooses to not live around blacks, but, their kids don't think of themselves as racist.

    In the South, they just don't delude themselves about the social reality of race.

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SweetTea says2013-07-05T22:22:12.840
SLIGHT CORRECTION TO MY PREVIOUS POST ... It appears that Zimmerman was fired from the East Coast USA Pageant. I don't think the word "Miss" should have been in there. I do apologize for the mistake. This appears to be a different pageant organization. Here is a link better explaining the termination:


SweetTea says2013-07-06T12:36:56.280
This map shows the number of "Hate Groups" operating in the U.S. Reveals that these groups are operating all over America. There are just over 1,000 groups. If you do the math & add the numbers noted in Southern states, it comprises less than half of the overall number. You might be surprised at what is operating in the North.

TJTretman says2013-08-14T19:49:24.537
There are more hate groups per person in the South. Since the South is less populated, the overall number will be less, but the per person ratio will be higher.