Is the Southern Poverty Law Center a reliable organization?

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  • The SPLC is a far-left propaganda organization

    The Southern Poverty Law center is one of the most infamous organizations based in the United States and, as you will see, is ultimately a group that supports the radical left's agenda. Some of the things the SPLC have done are: inspire a domestic terror attack, label retired neurosurgeon and GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson as an anti-'gay' extremist, and they have labeled another presidential candidate, Senator Rand Paul, as an 'extremist'. They also include various Christian organizations, such as the Family Research Council and American Family Association, in their 'hate group' list. With all this overwhelming evidence (and more) we can conclude that the Southern Poverty Law Center is nothing more than an extremist liberal propaganda group.

  • Smears and Lies

    While the SPLC’s website does contain examples of actual extremists and hate groups, such as the KKK, their database also contains countless inaccuracies and outright defamation. Take Maajid Nawaz, a moderate Islam reformer and practicing Muslim, who was labeled an “Anti-Islamic activist” by the SPLC. Smears like this are particularly harmful when considering they are shown alongside actual examples of hate groups

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