Is the space exploration project worth the money?

  • It's not like if we had our stuff together we wouldn't have money to burn

    We have to leave Earth obviously or end of civilization, but how are we gonna find a suitable place to go if we start looking 20 years too late because we were more concerned with pointless stuff. Asteroids, natural disasters, climate change, war, being engulfed by the sun.. This planet, as beautiful and important as it is, is going to die, and we have to follow the best course of ethical and time efficient action to ensure we don't go with it.

  • No its not!

    This is a complete waste of money that could be used on light sails, space junk removal or an infinite of other areas in space exploration. Going to mars is useless because what dose it do for the human race. Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. It is going to cost over 100 billion dollars. An absolute waste for the space department.

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