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  • Speed/flow of time is not constant, as theory of relativity predicts.

    The speed/flow of time is different in different frames of reference. For example, the time slows down for people in a space-ship moving with a speed comparable to speed of light in free space with respect to flow of time on Earth. In other words, people on Earth would age faster than those in space ship.

  • Time is a tool.

    Don't let yourself be confined by your understanding of the way things work. Physical things are merely the collapse of psychic reality. Time is a function of relativity, and should only be seen as a single, two-dimensional line to determine one's relative position in it.
    Time doesn't pass by, just like inches don't pass by. There is no flow of time, there is only now.

  • It's completely relative

    Good news to al you McCree fans - It's theoretically always high noon. This is because time is not a constant - technically, it doesn't even exist. It is just the name humans have given to the thing that affects us and everything around us. It is completely relative to the person how fast time goes and cannot be measured. For example, someone playing a really fun game of BF4 could be sitting there having fun, and not even realise that 3 hours have passed in what felt like 10 minutes to them. However, for someone in a really boring lecture, 5 minutes could feel like 5 hours because they are much more aware of the time.

    The one who's playing the game is much less aware of how much time is passing around him because he subconsciously (and consciously to an extent) chooses to ignore it. He is focused on his game and his game alone, and as such is ignorant to how much time passing around him. The person in the boring lecture has nothing to distract his brain, so he is fully aware of just how many seconds are passing, which is why even a minute can feel like such a long time.

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