• Great RTS game.

    I'm not so good at the game, but I'm learning as I go. People who have not played don't know how fun the game is once you get going. I like the campaign. However, the multiplayer is the thing that makes this game sell. I love the nature of it being an RTS, so no long and boring turns. The games are not so long, so you won't be bored out of your mind.

  • I think it is the best game ever.....

    I think it is the best game ever because the first version of this game is a national sport in Korea, and I can not play with other strategy games. I would like to know what is the opinion about this question other gamers too around the world thanks for reading.

  • I've never played it

    I feel that any self-respecting videogame enthusiast hipster would never fall for the hype that is "Starcraft 2" or should I say "STUPID SPACE GAME 2" because honestly it's the same as so many different predecessors that it's not worth actually playing. If you want to play a game like Starcraft why not go Indie and upgrade for half the price?

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