• It paves a path for the year.

    While I think it is certainly important for the President to address the nation at the start of the year, I do think that we often make too much pomp out of political matters. If we took the ceremony out of things and looked to politics with a more casual approach from the media and the general public, our politicians might have more time to actually get things done.

  • It Is Very Important

    The State of the Union Address is very important and something that all American citizens should watch. It is an update on current events and we get to hear the president's views and opinions on them. We also get to hear future plans for this country. Its always good to watch.

  • Watch it

    It's important to hear the president talk about the direction they want this country to go in, why, and how it will be accomplished. If you're not watching this tonight, whether you love Obama or despise him, you really should be nowhere near the polls in 2016. This is mandatory viewing.

  • Yes, it's our country's current message of expectations.

    The state of the union address is very important because it tells the American people where our country is headed and what it plans to accomplish. It is also important internationally, because it informs other countries of where we are headed and can provide dialogue for working together for common good.

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