Is the steadily decreasing unemployment rate due to policies enacted by the Obama administration?

  • The decreasing unemployment rate is due to policies of the Obama administration.

    I think the Obama administration has affected the unemployment rate. They have helped business by cutting taxes, giving incentives and keeping some companies afloat. Policies passed by the administration have not been accepted by some but the President has done everything he can do to help the economy and the unemployed.

  • Unemployment rate decreases do to different standards for finding work

    There are folks who believe that the unemployment rate is down in America because more people are getting jobs. Perhaps someone should tell my neighbors. Unfortunately for her, the unemployment checks have stopped, but not because she isn't looking for work. Instead the guidelines have changed and she is no longer getting assistance. The new policies are bringing down the unemployment rates as the requirements have changed.

  • Decreasing Unemployment Is Not a Result of Any Policies

    Generally, the economy cycles through booms and busts. There has been and always will be over-speculation that will lead to an over-inflated economy, which will result in a recession or depression. In addition, unemployment on the surface may be decreasing, but workforce participation has decreased during the decrease in unemployment, which would indicate that people have given up looking for employment. On the surface, it would look as though the economy is rebounding, but it is doing so slowly

  • Unemployment is due to greedy capitalism

    The government can't create jobs, the state laws are the ones that can hold back the incentive for companies to create jobs or to hire people. People struggle on minimum pay jobs without the government policies as companies choose to bend the rules and find loopholes not to give employees any benefits or rights. The companies choose to do this and the state laws don't step in to stop this.

  • The decreasing unemployment rate is not as a result of policies enacted by the Obama administration.

    Contrary to popular belief, the policies and actions of the President have very little to do with the economy in America today. Arguably, Congress has much more influence over the economy as a whole, and unemployment is one metric by which to measure the strength of the economy. The decreasing unemployment rate has more to do with Congress and global economic trends than it does with the President.

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