• The stock market needs a correction

    When talking about the stock market, the Wall Street investors know that a correction is needed for the markets. It's just a matter of when it might happen. As we all know, it's sometimes easier to rip a bandage off instead of inching it along. The same is true with the stock market as it needs to be corrected and it would be better for the country to do it now. Avoiding panic and concern, this would end much speculation get the markets coud balance out.

  • Yes, the stock market is always correctin itself.

    Yes, the stock market is always correction itself. I think stocks are always going up and down all the time. The stock market is unpredictable but it always seems to correct in some form or another. I think there will be a big correction in the future of the market.

  • U.S GDP means stock market changes.

    The reason why I believe the stock market is due for a correction is the U.S. national debt is higher than its GDP. The result of this is the federal government has increased the corporate tax. Which has lead to corporations purchasing overseas businesses and moving their business to the new nation thus lowering the corporate tax which they pay. This is a process known as inversion. This has happened so often that there is talk of proposing new federal laws in order to prevent this. The
    Treasury Department has also spoken out against the process. The result is Burger Company merging with a Canadian company (and moving its corporate headquarters there) while posting a sign asking the Treasury what it will do. These sort uncertainties always affect the stock market. As such the stocks are likely to lower as the U.S. dollar becomes more and more uncertain.

  • No the stock market is not due for a correction.

    The stock market itself is run by people. Those people, many of whom are major corporations, need a correction, but the stock market is not the problem. The problem is greedy people running greedy companies. So, the people whose companies are involved in the stock market are due for a correction, but not the stock market itself.

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