Is the Stock Market going to crash significantly in the next year?

Asked by: AdamEsk
  • It is said that such booming success in the stock market in such a failing economy should be alarming. Can the market crash again?

    I'm not saying we are going to see another Black Tuesday, but when so many stocks are hitting all time highs, I suspect the government has something to do with it. History repeats itself in these situations, and with these phenomenal profit margins, low net incomes, and high share prices, I don't see this success in stocks lasting into 2015.

  • It's about time the economy picked back up

    The economy looks to be finally recovering. We just went through an economic hard time, and this is the recovery. There will be greater economic growth in the years ahead. This does hinge somewhat on people's confidence. If everyone assumes the economy will do bad and that everyone includes investors and consumers then the economy will keep doing bad. But people's confidence seems to be increasing so it's good to be optimistic.

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