• I am a little more neutral

    I think the stock market FEELS like it is stacked in favor of the wealthy and rich, because in general, they are educated or prepared to invest in stocks. If an average person knew how stocks worked and invested wisely, they would also benefit just as much as a rich or privileged person. Not as quickly, but a smart person could work their way up to that.

  • The deck is stacked for the rich

    It is easy to see that the stock market is stacked in favor of the wealthy and privileged. Information is power and money, and the wealthy and privileged use their respective influence to dictate policies and procedures that help their bottom lines. Whether they are sending special interest lobbies to Washington D.C. or retaining high priced lawyers, the wealthy and privileged definitely have an edge.

  • Wealth and Privilege Trump All

    Money is made in the stock market by whomever has the quickest access to the information, and that always seems to be those with wealth and power. Individual investors are always left to pick through the scraps, and usually by the time the information flows to the rest of us, the wealthy and privileged have already taken most of the profits.

  • The wealthy control the stock market

    The wealthy and privileged investor has access to more information and, yes, insider information, than the typical middle class American. While the average investor has to climb from the bottom up, the wealthy already have an established base within the market and are able to gamble for higher rewards without assuming the risk that a Main Street investor might.

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