• Yes, Tarzan is Still Interesting to Today's Audiences.

    Yes, Tarzan is still an interesting concept to today's audiences, because at its core it is a love story. Furthermore, fans of the old animated Tarzan will definitely come out in droves to see the new film, along with plenty of moviegoers who find the main actor and actress physically appealing.

  • Tarzan Interesting. Boring People, boring.

    What human child doesn't like the idea of being abandoned in the jungle to be raised by other hominids? The story arc provides hits on concepts of: child and human development, the constitution of a family, Man's relationship with nature, western civilization's efforts to dominate nature, and the contributing factors for Man's contentment in life.

  • It's a classic for a reason

    The story of Tarzan is a classic. Like all classics, it will continue to appeal to today's audience, as well as future audiences, as long as the story is presented in an up-to-date manner. It is a family friendly story that can have something for every one: action, adventure, and romance. While predictable as all classic stories are, I think today's audiences still find the story interesting.

  • Yes, it's a classic

    Tarzan is absolutely still interesting in today's audiences. Tarzan is one of those classic stories that will always remain timeless. It may go there periods of more and less popularity, but it will never go away. If anything, they will continue to refresh the story with new movies every few years.

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