• I believe the UN structure needs reform

    For decades, the UN has been there to neutralise the tension between superpowers and act as negotiation table for any issues. Over the years, the situation has changed and the UN has been a platform for legal legislation for legitimacy of developed countries to dwell with politics of weaker countries.

    I think we are past the era where only a few countries are able to move the chess pieces and I think other countries should be giving more powers.

  • No, the bigger countries have more say.

    No, the structure of the UN is not unfair, because the UN allows everyone to have a say. Even so, the UN still allows countries that have the largest steak in the process, and the most economical investment in the UN, to have key positions where they have more influence. The UN fulfills its purpose quite well, and its structure is fair.

  • Its out of date

    The powers of veto were never a good idea. It gives to much power to the countries who possess it, especially when many of these 'veto countries' do not follow UN laws and its charter.

    For these five countries ( USA. England, France, Russia and China) to also be given a permanent seat on the security council is ridiculous. I understand that they wouldn't have joined the UN if they hadn't been given these privileges but time has changed and its out of date.

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